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Who is "The Morbid Grenade"

So well, here we are.... And to answer the most dying and important questions you may have about me. Things like:

Does Pineapple belong on pizza? No

What is the meaning of life? 42

Anyway enough tom foolery here we go if you would like to know more about me as a person and what my background is and just a little bit more about me. Read on

Real Life:

So a brief background about who I am, I am a 30 something year old event technician working in live events and virtual broadcasts. Primarily focused on lighting but will throw my hand to anything really.

Virtual Persona and how it all began:

This is all started back in the early 90s, my father was an IT specialist for the local council, and before that worked in TV & Video repairs. We had computers in the house from being young and my first memory of gaming was playing geoff crammonds grand prix on an Atari ST. Since then I've just never stopped enjoying computers, games and technology in general. It's no surprise I've ended up here then I guess! as for the name "The Morbid Grenade" well I'm not gonna lie, I used a random name generator until it came up with something I liked. I think this name may of been in the late hundreds nearly a thousand times of me pressing the "Generate Name" button.

And then alas "The Morbid Grenade" was born, I started off just streaming on twitch and uploading gameplay to YouTube, I then had a period where I was enjoying riding my motorbike and vlogging that so I ended up putting that up on youtube.

Why this site?

Why not? I decided having one central hub people can come to see any blogs, videos etc I have done isn't that bad of an idea and also links out to all the other various social media and content platforms (see those buttons at the top? yeah them!)

I also thought I'd try my hand at doing a bit of blogging / reviewing of products both in the written form and also video so there we go!

P.S If you got this far and are really interested my real name is Ste and that's as much as you're getting.

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