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Headset microphones, are they any good?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

We've all been there haven't we? Either just starting out gaming be it on console or PC, you're really happy playing away with your friends or strangers over the internet, and then you start using in game voice chat or another communication program like Discord or Teamspeak etc.

Then you hear those words "You're mic sounds like ass!"..... Shit..... I thought that headset I had bought was good! The sound quality in my ears is amazing, how can the microphone be that bad when these cost me £90.....

It happens, over the years I have owned many headsets for gaming, from £30 cheapies up to the upper mid range headsets. The simple answer is, some manufacturers concentrate more on the audio experience you are receiving than what you are sending out, actually that's not strictly true. To look at this more you need to look into how a microphone works!

All microphones work on the same principle that the noise created around it vibrates a diaphragm. The smaller the diagphram the less range that microphone will pick up generally speaking. So if you look at the end of the boom on your gaming headset and at the size of that, the microphone in there is pretty damn small!

This doesn't mean that all headset microphones are bad just because they have a reduced frequency response, it just means that they aren't well suited for much except you're normal talking level. You get excited in game and start shouting? You're probably gonna come across distorted as you are putting a lot of pressure against that tiny little diaphragm.

When you look at the majority of streamers / content creater you'll notice they have a relatively large microphone that they speak into, these are known as "Large Diaphragm Condensor" Microphones, they are a lot more sensitive than your little headset mic, and will pick up more range in your voice / instrument etc etc.

So to summarise, headset microphones are generally "Ok" if it's just or communicating with your friends over voice chat, some will sound crap some will sound better, I'd advise looking at reviews if you are looking at headsets and seeing how many mention the microphone and it's quality.

I would always say if you have the space and can afford it though to buy a seperate microphone than your headset!

Primarily this post is just a test for the website and may never even be seen once the website goes live!

I bid thee all farewell till next time!

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